Wednesday, May 6, 2009

20 WEEKS!!!!

20 WEEKS!!!!

So, yesterday, Cinco de Mayo was our 20 week milestone! Its amazing how fast this journey has gone & how fast I am sure it will continue to go! So now I push on my stomach sometimes and I feel her kick where I am pushing, as if I am taking up her space! LOL! I totally enjoy feeling her kick around now! As well as when Dave rubs my tummy with tummy butter and prays in the spirit! Amazing! She also kicks often after I eat & while I read the Word! I read Romans 5 to her the other day & I think she really liked it! (Thanks to her big cousin Meleah) :) So our next doctor appt is at the end of the month & Im really excited to hear her heartbeat again! I Love our baby! It is truly amazing how you can love someone soooo much that you have never met!

Its almost time to register for classes at the hospital...Lactation, Lamaze, etc. We are also looking for a "Growing Kids God's Way" class, so that we can take a deeper look at how God would like us to raise our children! I hear that it's a great class! Nothing fully prepares you for being a parent, but classes help! So, classes along with our faith in God---I know we will be "ALL GOOD!"

We have been pretty busy with Baby Registry lately! It does take a lot more time than I thought! We are in the process of registering for the main big pieces like crib, bassinet, play yard, stroller, car seat, swing, etc. Its harder than I thought to find a 5 piece unisex set that matches. The goal is to use whatever we have for our next babies, so it doesnt really make sense to get only pink things! LOL! Unless God will surprise us with about 5 girls! :) WOW! I would really be in prayer circles then! WAAAYYYY too many hormones! LOL!

Since we did celebrate 20 weeks yesterday, Dave brought home some leftover cake from a party at work--LOL! So we got some candles, table cloth & celebrated the 20 week milestone! We also recorded a short video message for our baby girl, which I am sure she (just kicked me!) will appreciate when she is older! Below you will find some of those pictures! :) Enjoy & thank you again for being apart of this amazing journey!


  1. Awww, your belly is really starting to poke out now. CUTE!!! :)

  2. Heeey Keena Girl!!! I am so happy for you and Dave. I remember what it was like to be at that stage with your chunka butt nephew Tyrese. And of course he hasn't stopped growing!!!

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