Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dave really enjoyed pushing the stroller around her room! LOL! Notice the Hospital bag in the back! It hasnt been packed yet!

WOW! So…here we are Week 35!!! Time has gone so fast! We have been doing our best to continue to prepare for little Karlin’s arrival. In the process of finding a pediatrician, setting up her room, putting together furniture and all of that good stuff! God has been amazing! Still no complications or sickness! No swelling, no indigestion, no cramping—NOTHING! Its been amazing! Just goes to show you that we can really pray for what we need & believe God for it…then watch Him work!

Last week we had our Family Baby Shower which was such a blessing! It was great to see all of the people who love us & baby Karlin! My mom, Audi, Kim, Talisa & Mary did a WONDERFUL job of putting everything together! I was wowed! Everything was beautiful! I really enjoyed myself & am VERY appreciative of all of the things that we got for the baby!

One of the games that we played at the baby shower was “Musical Bottle”! It was a hit! We didn’t play the music, so I randomly selected people to play the game by putting a piece of tape on their chair! So we had 6 of our beautiful family & friends competing in an apple juice drinking contest! It was pretty fun, but Im sure their cheeks hurt! My sister Breezy won the contest! J

Karlin has been moving around a lot! I think her favorite position is when she puts her knees directly up under my ribs. I’m so thankful that she hasn’t kicked me in the ribs! She’s so cute! She is obviously getting bigger, because I now get up about 3-4 times during the night for a bathroom run! WOW! That is something totally new to me! J Its all for a great cause!

J Starting next week, we will be going to the Dr. every week which should be fun! So I will update you all after each visit to let you know if any changes! Check out & enjoy the pictures! We have def gotten bigger since our last post! J Love you all & Thank you again for your support!

~The Woods Family

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