Sunday, July 12, 2009

Almost 30 Weeks YO!

WOW! Here we are approaching 30 weeks! We will be 30 weeks pregnant on Tuesday and things are great! We have started our every two weeks doctor visits and will soon be down to the every week visits! Still feeling amazing! Although very hungry! LOL! We went to the Dr. last Friday, Karlin seems to have already turned head down in preparation for birth! We are praying that she stays that way, but I know that we still have some time for her to change and then reposition...God has continued to bless us with a complication & sickness free pregnancy! The Word of God is so clear...Delight yourselves in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart...It also says that if you ask, you shall receive according to God's will. If you are delighting yourself in Him, He will give you the desires of your heart. We asked for a blessed pregnancy and it is God's will that we have that, so it is TOTALLY what He has given us! Thank you Lord!

Thanks to everyone who reads our blog! We appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to stay up to date on our little gift that God has given us! Love you all!

So I usually wouldn't do this publicly, but my husband has been so amazing throughout this entire pregnancy and I would like to take some time out to say a few things to him:

Words can't express how very much I love you & adore you! God has truly placed us together to fulfill a purpose for His Kingdom. You have been amazing during the entire pregnancy. We are both still learning & I appreciate you being patient with me. Thank you for reading the Word of God to our daughter, for showing & teaching her at an early age the promises of God, for rubbing the tummy butter on my tummy, for making me grilled cheeses upon requests, for rubbing my feet after a long day, for encouraging me to walk to ensure a healthier pregnancy, for being committed to providing for our daughter and me, for loving me unconditionally, for telling me that everything is going to be okay when I feel a little uneasy, for being at EVERY SINGLE Dr.'s visit, for telling me that I'm beautiful, for taking weekly pictures to document our journey, for celebrating pregnancy milestones (27 weeks, 20 weeks, 13 weeks), for asking me "Are you okay?" every time I get out of the bed at night, for helping me think clearly, for going to do baby registry with me and for simply striving to become who God has called you to be. You are an amazing person, man, daddy and husband. I promise to continue to strive to be the Proverbs 31 woman that God called me to be, so that I can love & serve you better. Thank you for being such a great leader & I want you to know that I truly enjoy being submitted to a man who is so submitted to God. Thank you for your integrity, commitment and love....


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