Tuesday, April 14, 2009

UPDATE!!! YAY! I really have to do this more often!

WOW! So here we are in our 17th week of pregnancy! Things have been great & we only see God doing greater things for the weeks to come! We were blessed to hear the heartbeat of Baby Woods during week 11 as well as at our week 15 visit! (Gotta hear Dave's rendition of the heartbeat--ITS PERFECT) It was very strong and fast! The heart rate was about 152! We are soooo excited!

During our week 15 visit I had all that gross stuff done! LOL! I am sooo not used to all of that! A bunch of testing & checking,but all of that is over until 36 weeks! We had a great doctor who was VERY patient through the process! If it had not been for Jesus & Dave being with me at that visit...I dont know how I would have done it....Im glad its all over for now....We found out that we will find out the sex of the baby on April 29!!
So I had been feeling these little things under my tummy...they were first on the bottom (under my belly button) and then they moved up to more of the top of my tummy...I had begun to call them diamonds or gems, because I didnt really know what they were, but I was 100% sure that they were like the Placenta or something! LOL! I got a rude awakening...I asked the Dr. "what are these?" She whispered to me: "Thats your fat tissue" LOL! It was soo embarassing yet funny! I had been calling my fat: DIAMONDS!!! Basically my uterus & my baby are pushing EVERYTHING up! LOL! Dave & I thought this was Hilarious!!
Dave has continued to lay hands on my tummy and speak the Word of God (Bible) over the baby...praying for wisdom, excellence, peaceful spirit & much more! He is going to be such a great Father!

We have begun registration at a few places including Baby's R Us, Target & Walmart...with one more registry to be completed at Baby Depot (which has a HUGE selection of clothing)!

People have really been a blessing to Baby Woods already & we want to thank Uncle Noah & Aunt Steph! LOL! Brother and sister from two otha mothas! We all have the same dad! LOL! That sounded kinda weird! Anyways...Everyone has really been a blessing!
We are planning the Baby Shower for Little Woods to be on August 8th in Canton! We hope that you all can make it! Invitations/save the dates will go out soon & if we somehow miss you, since the list is already at 112 (and thats NOT everyone), just forgive us and let us know! We got love for you!
So the tummy is measuring at about ____ inches! LOL! WOW! Im really not about to put that up there so that yall can get your tape measure and see how big it is! LOL! Yes some of that was already there, but Little Woods is beginning to stretch mommy out already!

We have also felt a few flutters so far! It was very exciting! Kind of felt like a butterfly flying and then stopping immediately! LOL! It was a great feeling once I got passed the fact that it wasn't gas! LOL!

Last week we got the book Supernatural Childbirth, for the second time...And are still believing that God will move supernaturally during the remaining weeks of preganancy and delivery! If you have not read the book---IT IS A MUST READ! Really! It will change your whole mindset on pregnancy, delivery, the whole process!

Dave was sooo cute the other day...I told him to talk to the baby and he told me that it was hard talking to a stomach! That was sooo hilarious to hear! I think that he is more ready than me to find out the sex of Little Woods! LOL!

Over Easter weekend, we also moved into a townhouse and are really excited to have our own place again...We truly appreciate my mom being a blessing to us and allowing us to stay with her for the last 9 months, but we are all (including mom) excited about getting a new place! Little Woods will have a nice size nursery so we are excited to decorate! Dave's parents were really a blessing to us in helping us prepare to move in so we def appreciate them! We went in & cleaned the place from top to bottom...kind of...we didnt really do the basement! But we did a lot of cleaning & of course we protected ourselves by having all the windows open and wearing masks...to protect Baby Woods!

Other than that....Easter was awesome! We had some really close friends and family join us at Faith Family and the message was awesome! A couple of the young people mentioned that they will def be coming back so I was pumped about that!

We still are soo excited about holding our baby in about 5 more months! OH my goodness! Sooo...If you come to the hospital and I seem to NOT let you hold the baby...LOL! Forgive me! HA HA!

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  1. Hey Congrads to you all and we look foward to meeting baby woods, keena you and david has been a blessing in our lives and from the first day we met you guys we said yall are so cute and adorable together, so as it is pleasure meeting you for us I know baby woods will be so proud and honor to meet to beautiful, loving and God Given Parents!
    you all are truly Bless ;OD,

    Kevin and Shenna
    Chgo, IL


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